Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes

Federal crimes in the state of California are treated a little differently from other crimes. In this case, you’ll be prosecuted by the federal government in the appropriate district in the state. Whatever you’ve been charged with, the government must tell you what the charges are within three days of arrest. Also within three days, you’ll have a preliminary hearing. Your attorney can request an extension to look deeper into the charges against you, but the burden of proof for these hearings is low and charges are rarely dismissed.

After the preliminary hearing, there will be a bond hearing. The key to the bond hearing is to have a character witness who can provide proof of good character and that you live in a safe area relatively free of crime. The judge will also consider a number of criteria when considering bond: citizenship, outstanding warrants or pending criminal matters, ties to the area, if you’re considered dangerous, if there were victims to the crime.

Federal crimes are generally much more serious than state crimes, and as such can mean long prison sentences. It’s imperative that you find a good lawyer with experience defending federal crimes.

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