Expungement/Probation Violations

Expungement – 1203.4

Need a lawyer to help with Expungement/Probation Violations?

Expungement may help you secure employment, obtain a professional license, and potentially avoid immigration consequences.

To be eligible for expungement, you must have successfully completed probation for your offense (misdemeanor or felony), and never served time in state prison. You are NOT eligible if: you’re currently charged with a criminal offense, you are on probation, or are serving a sentence. Additionally, if you are/were convicted of certain sex crimes involving children. (These may require pardons from the Governor.) All of which Adam Weiner has experience and expertise with. He will fight hard to get those matters behind you so you can move on.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can petition the court to expunge your California criminal record as soon as you have completed probation, or as soon as an early termination of probation is granted.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can expedite the expungement process, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

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    Probation Violation

    If you are found to violate probation, you’ll be called in for a probation revocation hearing. At the hearing, you’ll face various consequences based on the circumstances. The judge has wide discretion in the sentencing; depending on the seriousness of the violation, your criminal history, and more. It is for this reason that having an experienced criminal attorney is important for your case.

    The consequences of probation violation can include:

    • Revocation of probation and imposing the original sentence
    • Revoking probation and imposing maximum sentence allowed by law
    • Extension of probation term
    • Ordering counseling
    • Additional probation terms
    • Community service
    • Substance abuse treatment services

    Adam Weiner is here to answer any questions you might have related to violating pardon and can guide you through the process. Adam Weiner is well known and respected throughout the legal community and among our clients. We serve clients throughout Northern California and as south as San Diego. Our expertise and experience are available to you.